Recommendation for DVD

My supply of (genuine) Taiyo Yuden white inkjet printable 4.7 GB blank dvd’s is exhausted. Can anyone provide a link as to where I can purchase more? If they are no longer available, can anyone suggest a decent alternative, and possibly a link as well? Thanks!

I am not aware of a source for Taiyo Yuden printable media. I used to buy JVC (made by Taiyo Yuden) non printable DVD+R media, but these seem to have disappeared too recently. Only alternative I can think of is Verbatim AZO printable media. You can find these almost everywhere, just be careful to check that they have the AZO logo. Personally, I have a preference for these:

These DVD+R AZO media are made in different factories and countries and quality should be similar, but from personal experience it varies. I have a preference for media made in Taiwan and as I usually buy from an actual shop, I can check this myself printed on the spindle.

Thank you very much for the recommendation, kyrcy. I’l check those out.

I don´t know how good these media is for printing, but Taiyo Yuden by CMC seems to be good media and is widely available.

Actual Verbatim-media is much morw worse, at least the media I bought in the last 2 years

Sometimes original TY-media is on the sale at ebay & co., but atm hard to find and sometimes to expensive

Thanks, Tester. I have seen the CMC media online, but have hesitated since it is not made in Japan.

That´s true, I also wait long time before I tried it and it looks much better than all my Verbatim-media I´d bought in the last years.

Maybe you should buy a few of TY by CMC and Verbatim and try what´s the best choice for you

Thanks, Tester. Will do!