Recommendation for DVD combo/RW



hi. i need a recommendation for buying DVD reader and CD writer. lets
say i have already DVD recorder but i need something to burn my CD’s
and to read DVD’s. i dont want to use my DVD-RW as recorder for CD’s
because DVDRW’s sucks for CD-R’s and i dont want to waste my DVD-RW
for burning them. and i also need DVD-ROM unit for reading DVD’s when
i copy DVD’s on the fly.

so, i’m thinking about Liteon combo drive - for good CD writing and good
DVD reading. Is Liteon combo same good as Liteon CDRW? the price
isnt important - i want the best Liteon recorder for CD-R’s, so if CD-RW is
better than Combo, i’ll buy CD-RW for CD’s.

in my town i’ve found in one store those models:



LITEON CD-RW 52x 32x 52x, bulk (almost same price as combo)
LITEON CD-RW 52x 24x 52x, bulk (almost same price as combo)

So, i’m little confused with all those revisions (5232, 5235, 5236 etc…)
and letters at the end (‘V’, i see on this forum that a lot of users
have ‘K’ version)

edit: p.s. i have SONY DVD RW DW-G120A and it is TERRIBLE
for burning CD’s (verbatim pastel TY)


no answers? :frowning:


Check and I would suggest you get one of the latest DVD RW drives that go for around 40 dollars, with the firmware support on here you cant go wrong. The price when on special would be the same as the combo you want.


dvd writers aren’t good cd writers.

if you burn @40x you should get pretty good cd-r results with the sony 120a. beween 40x and 52x the time difference is less than 40 seconds, and i think everyone has 40 seconds left when writing a cd.


so, it’s true…

if you burn @40x you should get pretty good cd-r results with the sony 120a. beween 40x and 52x the time difference is less than 40 seconds, and i think everyone has 40 seconds left when writing a cd.

i’m writing them at 8x-16x (24x maximum!!) :smiley: :smiley:

results: still terrible. and a lot of times i get focus and similar errors
and it just destroy CD…


IMO, it’s not. :disagree:

With the wide variety of DVD burners available, of course it is normal to find some models having troubles in dealing with CD burns (but most of the times a firmware update can fix that). Or it can be a defective unit. But this does not allow to take [I]chok0[/I]'s assertion as a general rule.

I’m getting excellent quality CD burns under all aspects (C1 errors, beta, jitter) with all my Plextor DVD drives (I’m using mostly TY media), and many other users (a lot more experienced that me in that field) are really satisfied e.g. of their NEC DVD drives, see for example this thread. :wink:

Regards, :slight_smile:




yes, i must agree with you, it’s not case with ALL DVD-RW’s.
i had NEC 2500 and 3500 and i never had any problems with
burning CD’s but with ALL Pioneer models i had A LOT of
problems. Models was 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 and
my newest is 111 and this for now burn CD’s more-less OK.
but with all older models, terrible… a lot of ‘burning failure
errors’ during burning or burned CD’s wasnt readable etc etc…

but with combo drives (Liteon) and CD-RW (Liteon, Teac,
Nec, LG etc.) i’ve NEVER had such problems. ofcourse,
a small percent of burned CD’s was unreadable but that
was ~50 times less then when burning them with DVD-RW.
and in burning process i’ve never had such stupid errors like
power calibration error, internal target error, failure etc etc…

so, for now i will stick to CD-RW’s and combo drives ONLY,
and maybe reliable DVD-RW’s like NEC - just to find
what kind of Liteons are for burning CD’s =). according to
this Sony, im little sceptic

eltranquil, what results do you get with other CD’s like
Traxdata Ritek, Verbatim MCC etc…?


Since I also have a DW-G120A (crossflashed to LiteOn SHM-165P6S, test firmware MV96), I burned a Verbatim Pastel CD-R at [B]max speed[/B] using CD-DVD Speed. As you can see, the results are not that bad (albeit not optimal, but the burn speed was high) even with the slowdown at 48x.

Values for C1/C2 scan on PX-760A:

C1 Avg/Sec [B]1.5[/B]
C1 Max/Sec [B]15.0[/B]
C1 Total [B]7396[/B]

Attached snapshots:

[li] CD-DVD Speed write transfer test on SHM-165P6S
[/li][li] C1/C2 test on Plextor PX-760A
[/li][li] Beta/Jitter test on Plextor PX-760A
[/li][li] C1/C2/Jitter test on BenQ DW1650

TRT on an Aopen 1648 AAP/Pro at max speed is flawless. :slight_smile:





I burn my CD-R’s with both my LG4167 and my LiteOn 160P6s DVD-RW burners with excellent results with low C1 and zero C2 errors - at 32x for data and 16x for audio - using Ritek mid coded 48x media - no coasters for years-eh!



i also burn cds @48x with no c2 and very low c1 errors on my benq 1640 and liteon 1635s. but i remeber some older liteons (including my 1653s) didn’t do a good job with cds.

i only wrote this because [I]jadranko14[/I] asked for a combo and not a new dvd writer.
the 165p6s should do well with cds, but if jadranko14 isn’t satisfied, why not help him choose a cd-writer/combo instead of discussing the write quality of dvdrws?


Sorry but I don’t get the point: you are saying you did the false claim that all DVD writers aren’t good CD writers because he asked for a CD-RW? It’s a bit weird, isn’t it? :confused:

why not help him choose a cd-writer/combo instead of discussing the write quality of dvdrws?

To me it looks like it was [I]you[/I] discussing the write quality of DVD-RWs (for CD), or not? :wink:

I have same burner/media combination and I don’t experience [I]jadranko14[/I]'s problems (and you don’t have them too with your DVD burners), so IMO the best thing to do would be to find the reason of that before giving up buying something else…

[I]jadranko14[/I], a good try could be to crossflash the Sony to Liteon as I did. :iagree:

Regards, :slight_smile:



Which firmware are you using?

There have been reports that MYS4 and MYR4 firmware is worse at burning Taiyo Yuden CD-R media compared to MYS3 and MYR3 firmware.

You might consider flashing back to MY?3 firmware.

See these threads:


i should have said: dvd writers aren’t as good cd writers as cd writers :slight_smile:
my 52246s does the best job on cds, but i don’t burn cds often.

you shouldn’t burn media below the rated speed, i would only do this for audio-cds i need to hear with a sensitive player.


That rule of thumb applies to DVD media, but for CD media you should be able to burn at any speed that the drive supports.

You will frequently get better C1/C2 levels by burning at 32x or slower and when burning Audio CDs you will usually get lower jitter when burning at 16x or slower which use a constant speed (CLV).

Burning at only rated speed means burning at 52x or 48x for most CD-R media, and that gives you a higher probability of making coasters than if you go down to 40x or even 32x.