Recommendation for Dual Format Burner

Hi Folks.

I had done some research on which burner was best for me. Subsequently I decided to buy a dual format burner. The three model I’m choosing are NEC 1300, Pioneer (06A?) and MSI.

I don’t think I can wait any longer for better/cheaper models to be introduced this summer because my HD is down to 10 gb out of 120. I’m not a high-performance fan, thus I don’t need a state-of-the-art burner. All I really need is a reliable device that can last me at least 2 years of constant usage (burn a dvd every day or 2).

My primary burner usage is to back up data (avi/ogm). I am not into ripping dvd personally or back up PS2 game. It would be a boon if my burned dvd can be played on a normal dvd player, but I don’t think any dvd player can play avi file.

I live in the U.S (California) and am going to a computer show next week to buy a burner. My budget for an internal burner is around 200 USD. I plan to put an enclosure and turn the burner into an external device.

Some additional info: My machine is a PIII 500 laptop (tecra 8100) with very modest configuration. I plan to use Ritek 03 2X disc as my copying medium.

Since I don’t know my elbow from my rear end in terms of computer, I would really appreciate any advice on which dvd burner I should buy.

To the US crowd in this forum; happy 4th of July.


PHI,my only DVD experience is with the Sony,so while my opinion may seem somewhat biased,it’s a great burner,and I 've had little to no problems with it . I noticed you have a pIII,and burning a DVD can be pretty taxing on a machine like when you can upgrade…:cool:

Would a burner work on my machine then? I knew it would be a bit taxing, but I don’t mind as long as the nothing goes wrong during the burning process. Honestly I don’t need a more powerful machine because I don’t need it for other functions. Buying a new machine just to burn dvd seems to be a bit excessive.

The NEC ND-1300A, $190, is a good choice and the cost is real cheap for a dual format writer, but it only has 2MB buffer.

The Optorite DD0203, $195, on the other hand costs just as much, but has 8MB buffer. For a slow system that added buffer could be a life saver between good burn and coaster. Be sure to flash the firmware to v2.09 if you get this burner.

As for burning application, I suggest you get yourself a copy of Nero Burning ROM, now on version 551043. Software that comes w/ the DVD burners are as always useless and problematic.

Right on all counts,Stoner,as usual. PHI,these points he suggested are important. And yes,buying a burner just to burn DVD’s is a bit much,so I guess having one at the speed you indicated is okay,but just make sure to get one with a large enough buffer,which goes back to my Sony statements above…:cool:

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I’m going to see what’s available in the local computer show this weekend.