Recommendation for best DVD player for compatibility with burned DL discs?

I have 2 DVD players. One, a Zenith DV318, plays all my burns from my NEC 3550A drive fine.

The other, a Sony (forgot the model; it’s a couple years old) struggles with both single and dual-layer burns.

Can anyone recommend a DVD player which has a good reputation for compatability with most burned media? I’d pick up another Zenith 318 except it’s a pretty old model now and I imagine there are much better alternatives…

If you’re book type is being set to DVD-Rom, almost any of today’s machines will be fine.

My xbox, 5 yr onkyo, 2 yr old Norcent and 1 yr pioneer play all my DL burns.

Are you using + or - DL?

Sorry, I should have been more clear. Using Verbatim +R DL, setting booktype to DVD-ROM with the L&D 1.Y6 firmware on my drive.

ALL discs I burn will play in the Sony player, however, there is often stutter and particularly, hangup when making the layer transition.

CDspeed scans of my burns confirm that they are consistently good quality (I use TYG02 media for single layer and Verbatim 2.4x-8x media for DL).

So perhaps a better question might have been: Can anyone recommend DVD players which are known to be good readers/scanners? Compatibility was the wrong word.

How old is your current sony?

I personally recommend the Pioneer DV-578A.

It’s played everything I’ve thrown at is except divx. Great picture and sound. Plays SACD’s as well.

I’ve got in excess of 15 +DL movies that it plays great. :iagree: