Recommendaiton for SerialATA optical drive

Hello all, looking for a recommendation on a new optical drive.

-Serial ATA
-Quality burns, burn speed is not at top concern but nice
-Burns ISOs as booktype DVD-ROM on DVD+R and DVD+R DL
-Fast DVD movie ripping speed
-All media type up to dual-layer 8.5GB, no blue ray or hd-dvd
-Gettign all these features through third party firmware is ok
-Don’t care about brand
-would like to keep under $100-125

$100? Most drives are $20-$30!

Optiarc 7200S should fit the bill

Thanks Kipper. That’s funny, that’s the one I had pretty much settled on. :slight_smile:

Ill second Kippers reply… also LiteOns kick ass. New Egg has the best deals, as usual.