Recommendable Blu-Ray Combo drive


I am observing the Blu-Ray drive market since a while, particularly the combo devices.

Within the next week I am going to buy such a Combo drive and want to ask for a reliable, fast and most important a silent drive.
Although the price for Blu-Ray writers isn’t much higher (i.e. the Optiarc BD-5300S is very affordable) than combos, I don’t want it at this time.

The count of Blu-Ray combo drive manufacturers (internal devices only) is manageable - LiteOn, LG, Samsung - so my choice currently tends to a Samsung SH-B123L, but a LiteOn iHes208 I would also accept (silver front bezel).

Because both of use a MediaTEK chipset, they should work with Opti Drive Control. The iHes208 is definitely supported (source: ODC homepage) .
Can anybody confirm this information and has tested it?

Unfortunately I didn’t find any information about copy protections in any review on the web, so can you prefer one device?
(sorry, I am a little out of date concerning copy protection on games)

Last point is the front bezel.
Over all the time since the production of Blu-Ray drives for computers I have never seen one drive with a beige/grey front bezel except for a Pioneer BDC-202.
Okay, the LiteOn iHes208 has a silver bezel, but this is not a perfect matching to my old-style beige/grey case.
Sorry, but I really couldn’t understand why they don’t offer such bezel at least as an option in retail packets.

Hope you can give me some good advice, what’s best for me.