Recommend Video Software w/o Activation

I’ve been using Roxio 2009. Not bad program but I don’t think users should be pulled into having to activate purchased programs when that activation dictates when we have to give it up, even when we don’t want to. Does anyone have some preferences to another software program that does not use this system. Don’t mind paying for software, but do mind this scam. Also, is there any open source programs anyone has tried that work with same features or similar features that are offered by this Roxio program? So far, my experience with open source has been very good.

Not many of us on these forums use Roxio. What features do you want in a replacement?

ImgBurn is one of the most recommended free burning programs, but the interface takes a bit to learn. Once you get the hang of it, ImgBurn is very versatile as a burning program, and is absolutely the best I know of for burning double layer dvds or blu ray. But ImgBurn is only a burning program…no video capture, editing or conversion if that is what you are looking for.

Let us know what all you need.

I use ImgBurn, IFOedit, VOBedit, DVDShrink, and so on, but would like to use a commercial combo program that does a number of editing jobs without having to go from one program to another. In other words, Roxio, Nero, and so on. But there are companies like Roxio that are going more and more to the Microsoft way of making us upgrade when an upgrade isn’t needed. So…just looking for something that I can buy, use, and decide for myself when I need something else. Thought maybe this forum would be a good place to start without having to buy one program after another. Don’t need pro program, just something that will allow a reasonable amount of editing.

Well, there are the consumer versions of editing programs from Adobe and Sony…Adobe Premiere Elements and Sony Vegas Movie Studio.
Both have trials to see if they suit your needs. They may not fit your activation preferences though…that is getting to be quite common.

One that isn’t as well known is DVDLab Pro 2 Edit Suite. I use DVDLab Pro for authoring and it is a very capable program in itself. The Edit Suite adds encoding and editing functions. It also has a fully functional trial. But it is primarily for dvd creation, not AVCHD or Blu Ray.

I personally went the other direction from the all-in-ones. I use semi-pro level software, but I prefer specialized software designed only for certain tasks.

Thanks. I would like to go that route also, and maybe I should just keep working with those programs we mentioned. I appreciate your time to respond. Again, thanks.

I find that the ‘All-In-One’ programs do a lot of things but seldom do them really well. That’s why I keep a supply of different tools for different tasks. I burn with ImgBurn, edit and encode with AVIDeMux (cuts only and filters), do advanced editing with Womble, author with FAVC or AVS to DVD, capture with WinTV (I have a Hauppauge card and that works best with it). A lot of these tools are free.