Recommend Video Sender For Sky Digital

So im thinking of getting sky but i want it upstairs aswell but dont want to pay an extra £10 a month plus a £50 one off fee for an extra box!

so can any of you guys recommend a decent video sender that supports a scart output with 2 phono l & r stereo output, and at the same time output to svideo and 2 phono or scart?

for under £50? or is this too much to ask?, also remote control switching is a must!

im googleing as we speak but if you can point out any good review sites i’d appreciate it :slight_smile:


If you are thinking of getting one of the 2.4GHz analog RF senders, I would recommend that you try before you buy. If you like in an urban area, most people now find that there is too much interference in this frequency band. It works, and the video quality is good - except for the constant audio ticks and pops and video blips and bands caused by nearby devices such as WiFi lans, cordless phones, remote control, microwave ovens etc etc