Recommend the best $120 DVD+- DL writer

hi i’am new to this site

i would like to buy a good Dual Format , Dual Layer 8x or 12x writer within $120

the problem is in our country DVD-writers are all too costly and no new models are available here.

i searched many sites from US , UK but they wont ship to India

can u recommend a good writer with above characteristics and sites that
ships it to india.

any helps on this is highly appreciated. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i would go with a nec 2500…

you can upgrade the firmware to make it burn dual layers just fine, and it costs half of what your looking to pay. Or you could just buy the nec that is already upgraded to write dual layer which is only like 20 bucks more, but why spend that when you can upgrade the firmware yourself…

hi thanks for replay but as far as i know newegg is not shipping goods to india.
can u plz help me on this matter?

Check this out: NEC DUAL LAYER DL 8X DVD±R/RW USB 2.0 EXTERNAL -BURNER+ Item number: 5113718565 ON WWW.EBAY.COM (this is a 2510-A) Which is the newer version of the 2500 with the Dual Layer capability built in.

Im not sure about the shipping cost for international orders, but the seller says he ships WORLD WIDE.