Recommend software to analyse, encode, shrink and burn DVD's as well a better burner

Please forgive my inexperience and ignorance, I do not understand the technical terms used in these forums but I am going to ask my questions anyway.

I recently was given a computer with a Emprex DVD burner in it. Someone recommended that I download DVD Shrink 3.2 along with DVDFabDecrytor because they were free and easy to use (yeah, right) to start. I had to have someone who uses DVD Shrink walk me through it. Sometimes the movie comes out perfect sometimes it doesn’t. I have noticed when the DVD won’t play right there are blue spots on the DVD which I think people call water marks or a blue ring, like the marks a DVD recorder makes, and it can take 4 hours to burn a 2 hr dvd. The movies will not play in all DVD players.

My son calls my computer a “monster”.

Could anyone recommend a better software program to analyse, encode, shrink and burn DVD’s as well as a better burner.

I have read alot of people recommend Nero for burning the DVD but what about the shrinking and decrypting??? Is my ignorance showing :confused: :confused:


Welcome to the forums-

Essential keys to successful burning are using a very good burner and very good media-

Both are not especially expensive - a good burner can be gotten for under $40 and best place to look would be - and the good reasonably priced brands are BenQ, LG and LiteOn-

Very good media can be gotten from online vendors like or from brick and morter stores like Staples, Best Buy, Office Max and Office Depot - best names to get are Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim and should run thirty to forty cents each in 50’s or 100’s-

Do yourself a big favor and do some reading in the forums before you jump in and start burning - there is a wealth of knowledge in here if you take the time to look-eh!

Dvd shrink is probably the easiest out there, but there are programs out there to give you better quality, for example Dvd Rebuilder. In order to get this better quality it will take take longer though. I would suggest reading these guides and also checking out for more guides. As far as a burner a lot of people like the NEC 3550 or the BenQ 1650. Check out for the best prices.