Recommend software for .cue/.wav

hello, i am looking for the best program to burn audio CD images from a .cue sheet and .wav file. here is what i have tried and unhappy with so far:

imgburn: no support for multi-track .cue sheets :frowning:
deepburner: only support iso images :frowning:
alcohol 120%: puts a click at the start of the audio cd (yes i have tested and it is definitely a120 which is inserting this click, it is NOT in the image)
nero: donโ€™t like it, bloatware :frowning:
eac: works good, but i am unable to tell whether disc-at-once burning is working or not? eac burns track-at-once by default, but it comes with a extra package enabling dao burningโ€ฆ

i quite like alcohol 120% except for the click, so if anyone knows how to fix that issue i will continue using that. also i want disc-at-once burning, i would be happy too to use eac if someone can help me figure out whether the DAO plugin is being used or not?

^ You could try fireburner and if you set it burn using dao you can be sure that that is what it will do.

Try Burrrn.