Recommend software for burning ISOs?

I loaded the newest Nero, was totally amazed at the bunch of weird stuff that it tried to install (yes, I did try to turn off all the auxilliary stuff). But oddly, though Nero looks like it will manage everything in my kitchen and mow my lawn, it could not burn a DVD ISO file.

I reinstalled v6, same thing. It goes up to ‘burn speed’ selection, then just sits there. No error message. No burn. I don’t remember this being a problem, though I do remember that Nero would not handle some formats.

Given the amount of bloat, it looks like Nero has gone the way of other software packages that have passed their prime. I’d like to get back to a very simple, direct, burning package that can handle straight ISO formats, DVD Video (VIDEO_TS), etc. What is the alternative?

The only option you need consider is ImgBurn ( .

To add to this there’s Burrrn ( for Audio CDs.

Thanks for your reply, Tim. I loaded ImgBurn and tried it on a Cue/Bin image. It appears to have burned it correctly but its verify stage failed at several places. I tried the same image with Nero, and it verified correctly. A bit-by-bit comparison of the two CDs turned out identical, so I’m assuming that the fault was in ImgBurn’s verification. Has anyone else seen this?

It’s usually been the other way round , with ImgBurn succeeding & Nero failing.

I believe you. Nero was not burning ISO images at all, so I do need something for that.

This was a BIN/CUE pair though, so Nero could handle it. It’s just the verify process that failed in ImgBurn. Not sure why, but if there was a failure anywhere, you wouldn’t think that the two CDs (ImgBurn vs Nero) would match.

The only thing that might have affected things is that ImgBurn has not in the past supported CUE files & still doesn’t. This can be a factor with VCD/SVCD CDs but otherwise
not an issue.

Did you cycle the tray before the verification? Sometimes the disc might not be re-read properly if you don’t.