Recommend media? (Based on my hardware)



Using Newegg’s comment system, I’ve found many inconsistencies between user’s experiences. Some things work for some people, but then wont for someone else. I just want to be sure that the media I purchase will burn, and playback successfully using my hardware.

I have an NEC-ND3550A DVD burner. I’m aware that a firmware update is required to use certain media, and I’ve already upgraded to the newest available.

For standalone playback, I’m going to be using my PS2, which is one of the newer, small, slim consoles.

I’ll be using Nero to burn .vob, .ts, etc… files (DVDs ripped with DVD Shrink).

The two types of media I need are:
25 quantity, 8.5gb. Speed isn’t as important as quality, though I’m looking for someone middle-end, not too expensive.
50 (or more) quantity 4.7gb. Since these are much less expensive, I’m willing to pay slightly more for 8x, or even 16x speed, so long as the quality of disc is decent and I don’t end up with too many coasters.

If I were able to purchase both of these from the same online retailer, I probably wouldn’t want to spend more than $60.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Can’t really go wrong with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim on the single layer media. Anything else is really a toss up.

Dual layer is Verbatim without a doubt. The only DL media that gives consistent results.


you mean Verbatim is the only DL media that gives [I]consistenly good[/I] results.
other DL media does give consistent results - consistently bad!


Yep. Added to that, NEC drives seem to like CMC media, too. Or at least mine does…on some CMC MIDs, it’s the burner that gets the best results. :wink:

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


I owned an NEC 3550A for a long time, Verbatim DL is the way to go. There’s not much price difference between the Verbatim DL and other brands which are more than likely to be Ritek which is shot in the dark as far as quality.

For single layer media, I can only remember Prodisc media not faring well with this burner, everything else was good. Even CMC AM3 (look for DVD-R in Philips, HP, Memorex, Magnavox, among many others) turned out impressive results at 16x.


Thanks very much for the suggestions! I will going with: (Verbatim DL)
and (Taiyo Yuden SL)

The single layer discs are DVD-R, which I’ve never used before (always used +R) and am admittedly not 100% of the differences, but there are plenty of places for me to research that here. :bigsmile: