Recommend me standalone, Philips or Pioneer?

Hey guys, I’m needing a cheap standalone DVD player to play mostly avi, mpeg and some burnt DVDs, my media are all +R Taitoyuden and Mitsubishi.

I’ve been reading reviews for:

Philips Dvp3140
Philips Dvp3960
Philips Dvp5982
Some Pioneer DV300 and DV400 series

I’ve focused more in Philips, a bit biased I know, since old player still works great, but can only play DVDs.

Question is, should I stay with Philips for reading avi and mpeg? I’ve been told Pionner are more compatible when it comes to compressed media files.
Not asking for much, just progressive scan, basics (multiregion, multiformat) and best compatibility $70 can buy.

I have a Pioneer DV400 and find it to work very well. It also has much better build quality than the Philips units. Also, the Pioneer has DTS playback capability if that is important to you. I don’t believe the Philips players decode DTS.

Pioneer DV400 is great, still I’m getting the Philips Dvp5982 lot much cheaper, and if I’m not wrong it has DTS too. Reliability would make me reconsider, if not I’m sticking with Philips

I’m fairly sure that the Philips Divx players do not play DTS audio. Here’s a link that says it plays only Dolby Digital: IMO, I think the Pioneer is built much better than the Philips players. The Philips’ have a very flimsy tray where the DV400 has a much more solid one that is like those found in upper end DVD players. Plus, I have seen the DV400 go for $60-$70 and for that price it is well worth the added expense over the Philips.

DV400 series