Recommend me some 80-pin IDE Cables!

I’m about to order some things from Newegg and I thought I might pick up some new round IDE Cables as well. And I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? Below are a few I’m looking at…My only problem is that I can’t tell if they’re 40-pin or 80-pin…how do you figure that out, does anyone know?

VANTEC Clear 18" ATA 66/100/133 IDE Round Cable, 3-Connector Model CBL-100IDE18-CS

Link Depot ATA133 UV Cable Model UV-ATA18-BU-3

Thermaltake Blue 19" IDE(ATA66/100/133) Round cable Model A2048

Here are some cheapies, I don’t know how good they are but I ordered a couple of the red ones because they were so cheap and they will match an old socket a biostar motherboard I have. I also ordered a couple of the 120mm Yateloon fans as recommended in the bargain basement forum. Actually the fans were what I was looking for but it didn’t cost me any more to ship the cables so it was an easy choice.

Anything that’s described as ATA 66 or above is an 80[B]wire[/B] cable and is the spec that you need.

Many here are against the use of round cables as there’s eveidence that cheapo ones can affect the burn quality and so recommend just the standard flat ones.

Personally I use a mixture of flat & round on my systems & can’t say I’ve noticed any difference.

Of those you’ve picked out I’d probably go for the Thermaltake ones.

I’m not sure if any one of those is better than another. I have some of the vantec ones like the ones you linked to that are a few years old (and have been switched around several times), and I have never had any problems with them. I have also used mad dog and antec round without problems. I did get some cheap round ones from fry’s once that caused all kinds of problems, and they eventually all failed.


If Newegg still carries the [B]Belkin[/B] round cables - they are good and cheap-eh!

That would be a good choice. Quality seems to be very good and I’ve used them in the past.

Hi :slight_smile:
A top end round cable is superior to flat. However at a cost.
For good to escellent ribbon (flat) the cost is less than £5 (UK).
For good to excellent round cable the cost is around 3>4 x higher.
Many folk compare ribbon @ say £2>£3 to round @ £4>£5. At this price break the ribbon should be the better. Certainly for value for money.
[B]What to look for in round cables[/B]:

I have always wondered the validity of tests that claim a cable is faster (especially when it is only a little faster). They really don’t give the methodology they use to test. I haven’t used hdtach much but I have used sandra a lot. They claim the cable to test 10% faster using a normal computer for testing. The thing is, speeds can very more that 10% just due to normal testing variations. If you include how full the drive is and or how defragged it is (and did you freshly reboot after each test), it can very substantially more. I have seen one of my raid arrays (sandra drive index) very as much as a range from 110MBps -140MBps. I would think you would need to run the test a dozen or more times and get a mean average. The antec cables I have have aluminum shielding, a grounding strap, reinforcement etc. and I haven’t noticed them to be faster (or slower). I’m not saying its not possibly, but I never see any tests that really go in depth enough to prove it. I would still agree, get good quality cable though.