Recommend me Inkjet Printable DVD Media

I’m going to be purchasing the Epson R320 printer soon so that I can make my DVD backups look all nice and fancy. Thusfar I have been using mainly FujiFilm and Verbatim discs bought from Best Buy and Amazon respectively, and have run into no problems with them.

However now I’ve gotta make the switch to Inkjet printable and I’m at a loss which product to get and where to get it. I’m basically looking for any quality DVD-R Inkjet Printable disc that has a good surface to print on. I’ve skimmed threads about the differences in the exact printable area and wasnt sure which brand of discs I should go with. I’d like to get a 100 spindle and I don’t wanna end up getting discs with lousy printing surfaces and being stuck with a hundred of them.

If someone could link me to a place where I can get printable media, and tell me which one I should go for, that would be great. Also, price is a factor, and I’d like it to be as cheap as possible (If they sell it at Best Buy, that’d be great b/c I get employee discount there.)

Thanks, sorry for the longwinded post, but I tend to do that.

Stealth Edit: I’m in USA.

Oh yeah, I saw recommended and there were loads of different discs there. Does it make a difference if its a White or Silver surface? And is it good or bad to have the hub printable?

I use Verbatim (8x and 16x +R) and original Taiyo Yuden (8x -R) full face printables and both are great. The Verbatims have a slightly larger printable area (about 2 mm more in the centre), which can be handy with some label designs. Both produce similar burn quality as non printables.

OK… As of now, Best Buy only carries crap for printable media. Wal-Mart has Maxell printables which are pretty good, but I only use the +R MIJ Maxell, and that is for back-ups that I do for friends. Wolf/Ritz Camera carries Fuji inkjet printables. For my personal use, I have been using TY 8X+R inkjet hub printables from Rima. Rima has the best price on TY. For printable Verbs, you can jockey between Rima and NewEgg because NewEgg has them on sale from time to time…

As far as silver vs. white: Silver inkjet printables will give you a holographic effect, while the white inkjet printables are going to look like you printed the image on plain paper. I then apply a light coat of Patricia Nomick’s (from Wal-Mart Arts and Crafts department) to give my discs a finished (glossy) look. Properly applied (simply follow the instructions), it has no detrimental effect on my discs… They look like commercial product!!!

Settings: I use 22mm center, 119mm outer, 25.4 top/height, 25.2 right/width to center my TY printables with my R200…