Recommend me good virtual drive program

I’m open minded for any suggestions on this subject. I’m searching some good (maybe free) virtual cd/dvd program. I used Microsoft Vcd and Elby Virtual Clone drive. Never used deamon tools. I’m curious about users experiences and possibley memory usage of recommended program.
Please feel free to comment. :slight_smile:

I hope I did not miss subforum If I did please forgive me.

I have used Elby Virtual Clone drive and have never had any issues with it, now it even has Vista x64 support WOOT!

Slysoft virtual drive is free, and has yet to fail me.

So you all have positive feedback using Virtual Clone drive. I like it also and it’s free. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for sharing your opinion. :wink:

I’ve used this on a few PC’s :

Free updates included.

Alcohol 52% is a free burning program that i use to put my ps1 game discs onto psp. as a bonus u get a virtual drive which ive never had any problems with