Recommend me a water cooling product

Amid all these hot and humid nights I’m finding it a bit annoying with all the heat that my computer expulses with the noise from the fans from my computer and one for the room overnight. So I’ve looked at water cooling products.

I’ve looked at the Reserator XT External system but wondered what products people on here use? My computer is run practically 24/7 during the holidays (my internet speed sucks) but is switched off constantly during term time. I can budget for around GBP 200.00 if need be but there’s no need to fork out twice as much for something that does only a little extra!

Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you!

What are your system specs? cpu? MB? How much overclocking are you doing? What cpu/heatsink do you currently have? What is the load temp of the cpu when running Prime95 (free download) and measured with Coretemp (free as well) or an equivelent cpu temperature monitor.