Recommend me a second Burner

I’m going to buy two SATA burners. The first will be a Samsung SH203. What would be a good “fit” with that?

I do just about everything with my drives, but not a huge amount of any one thing. Lightscribe looks cool, but OTOH I don’t know how much use I’d make of it. More important is that any weaknesses in the Samsung are covered by the other burner.

I have been looking at:

ASUS 1814
Optiarc AD-7173S-0B
LiteON DH-20A1S-18C

I’m tending towards the ASUS for lightscribe and quiet operation, good audio ripping. I’m probably missing some key issues though.

Hi :slight_smile:
My own personal preference would be the LG.
I have the LG GSA-H62N myself.
Unless you thought that the ability to scan my well be useful. Then the Lite-On.
Again I have the LH-20A1S in this setup.
The Asus shares a lot with the Pioneer DVR-212(D). The Pioneer just edging it.
The Optiarc (I have the 7170S), is the least convincing of the drives you’ve listed. However Liggy & Dees patched f/w go someway to reduce the gap.
Altthough not enough for me. Hence my 7170S is already sitting in the bottom of the cupboard gathering dust.