Recommend me a good dvd dl burner

Hello everyone,
I see this is a really nice forum with a lot of information about optical drives and I hope you can help me.
Currently I own a Lite-On LH-20A1L burner. I didn’t have any problems with it for 2 years, but now I’m building a new pc and need a new optical drive. Mostly I will be burning dvd+r dl and sometimes regular cd and dvd disks. I know nothing about today’s burners, which brands and models are good and which are bad. Recommend me a good optical drive which would satisfy my needs.
Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Providing that you’ll use only quality media (because no drive can transform a bad disc into a good one), two of the best drives for DL discs are the Pioneer 116 (too bad very difficult to find because not more in production by a long time) and the Optiarc 7240.

Thanks for your answer. I mostly use Verbatim DVD+R DL disks, I think they are good quality. Can’t find a Pioneer 116 anywhere, like you said also Opticarc 7240S is out of stock from where I’m buying. But they have the 7241S and 7243S models. They are the same as the 7240S, yes? Just with labelflash and lightscribe features? Also there’s a 7260S model. It’s newer than the 7240S. Is it better?

oops I forgot to mention. The 724x series has the same burning performance.

7241 should be the lightscribe drive, the 7243 the labelflash drive (if I remember correctly), but regarding the DVD burning performance all the drive are the same :slight_smile:

I would get the 724x drive, I’m not sure that the 7260 is better :doh:

7260 is basically the same drive, we have proved it with a cross-flash of a 7240 to a 7263 and it worked fine.
I’d say just get whichever one you can get the best price on and be happy.
I have both drives and they work about the same as each other.

I’m getting the 7260, its cheaper than 7241 here and its newer, meaning it will get more firmware updates.

[QUOTE=Dartman;2532131]7260 is basically the same drive, we have proved it with a cross-flash of a 7240 to a 7263 and it worked fine.
I’d say just get whichever one you can get the best price on and be happy.
I have both drives and they work about the same as each other.[/QUOTE]
So, I can buy an Optiarc 7243 and can xflash this device to an Optiarc 7263, without any problems? Can I flash it back to the original state if some problems occure?

No, the crossflasher was just a experiment to see if the drive could do it safely, there wont be a crossflashing tool released unless the author decides to and I highly doubt he will.
If you want a 7263 the best way to get it is just buy one if it’s available where your at.
The 7260 does on sale quite often for 19.99 shipped but I don’t think the 63 version is available in the US, if it is they usually go for 3 or 4 bucks more so it’s really not going to break the bank to just buy a real one.
Other then having label flash it burns the same as the others.

That means, that the hardware of 7240 -> 7241 -> 7243 are the same and just the firmware of 7241 is extended by Lightscribe and the firmware of 7243 is extended by Labelflash. The same thing is guilty for the 726x family, what is the same 724x hardware, but newer firmware. Is that conclusion right?

That’s pretty much it, though the lightscribe drives do have to have the extra red LED that I think they use to align up the disk to be printed or something, but I know every drive I have with LS has the extra LED inside which probably means they have some extra circuitry to make that LED and everything work.

Which of these SATA DLs is the best drive for the dollar? Any I should avoid? I inkjet print, so LS/LT/LF aren’t concerns for me. I’ll probably buy at least 2. These are all OEM packaging, shipping extra, unless noted.

Lite-On iHAS124-04 @ CompUSA/TigerDirect $17
Lite-On iHAS224-06 @ CompUSA/TigerDirect $20 or @ NewEgg $20
Lite-On iHAS324-98 @ NewEgg $22 (free ship, Retail)
Lite-On iHAS424-98 @ NewEgg $26 (Retail w/30 Mem.DVD+R)
Lite-On iHAS524-98 @ CompUSA/TigerDirect $20 (Retail)
Optiarc AD-7241S-0B @ CompUSA/TigerDirect $24 or @ Directron $21
Optiarc AD-7260S-0B @ CompUSA/TigerDirect $20 or @ NewEgg $20 (free ship) or @ Directron $18
Optiarc AD-7261S-0B @ NewEgg $20 or @ Amazon $20 (free ship >25)
Plextor PX-880SA @ NewEgg $30 or @ Directron $30
LG GH24NS50 @ NewEgg $20 or @ Directron $19
LG GH22NS50 @ OfficeDepot $25 (Retail) or @ Directron $18
HP DVD1260i @ CompUSA/TigerDirect $20 or @ NewEgg $20 (free ship)
HP DVD1270i (Lite-On?) @ Amazon $30 (Retail, free ship)
HP DVD1270vi @ WalMart ~$40 (in-store only)
Pioneer DVR-S18MBK @ CompUSA/TigerDirect $40 (Retail)
Pioneer DVR-218L @ TripleNet/Amazon $26 (Retail, shipped)
ASUS DRW-24B1ST @ NewEgg $20

…or is there a better one? I can even handle IDE if it’s a good burner.

Plextor PX-870A @ CompUSA/TigerDirect $30 or @ Directron $28 or @ CompUSA/TigerDirect $35 (Retail)
Pioneer DVR-118LBK @ Platinum/Amazon $33.50 (Retail, free ship)

Ignore the Plextors, as they are overpriced rebadges of other makes. I’d concentrate on the Optiarc drives personally, or get a Samsung 24x drive if you can find one. Newegg has been out of stock on the Samsung drive for a while, but you might find one at one of your regular shopping sites. I found one at PCDirect just now, but have not ordered from them, so caveat emptor.

Samsung SH-S243N @ TigerDirect $30 (free ship) or @ Aztek $25 (w/software)
^ says that’s a Toshiba/Samsung. Which is the real mfr? And are these better/worse/identical?

Samsung SH-S223L @ PGN $23 (w/software)
Samsung SH-S223C @ PGN $21

The SH-S243N is a Samsung drive, but Samsung and Toshiba have a joint venture in optical drives. You’ll see a lot of notebook drives with the TSST designation, showing they are Toshiba-Samsung drives.

The 24x Samsung’s have a better rep than the SH-S223 series, and I believe the major difference between the two S223’s you’ve linked is that the first is has Lightscribe capability.

OK So I’ll forget the 223s. You said you prefer the Optiarcs from my first list - is one of them better than another? And is the Samsung $5-10 better than a Sony? Other than the Plextors, are any from the first list something to avoid? If they’re good, I might lean toward Amazon so I can get some other stuff with the free shipping. Is the software that’s included with some of the drives worth having? I primarily use DVDFab to rip & Shrink/Nero to burn. They’re working well for me, so I have no reason to change yet.

You’d be best off looking through the subforums here for specific information regarding these drives. I’m only going to give you generalities, as I only keep up with a few of the dvd drives anymore.

The Optiarc 724x series have a longstanding good rep…the 726x should also be good, as there is little difference in them. I believe they share the same chipset, but there some minor internal differences…and different firmware of course.

Software included with drives is usually somewhat crippled, and rarely worth having. So, it shouldn’t count as a major concern when choosing a drive.

Well, the 524 got a good review, so maybe I’ll get one of those from TD & the 7261 from Amazon. That should give me a new MTK for scanning & a new NEC for burning, right? The LG forum isn’t very active, and the closest LG they’ve reviewed seems pretty finnicky about media, so I guess I’ll avoid it. Maybe I’ll get that Samsung from Aztek…

The 7260 & 243 arrived from, but Lisa is wrapping them so I won’t be able to check them out until Xmas. They threw in a 50-pack of Diamond (Verb MIC) 8x -Rs; IDK why.

Thanks for the info. My Nec 3540 is starting to have higher failures on DL burning and other strange errors. I was just looking for a replacement as well.

Are any DVD DL Burners good with BluRay reading capability or is it just better to get a separate reader?

Man things have changed. Best drive (Optiarc) for $20 and free shipping? Awesome.