Recommend me a dvd player with ethernet input

I finally decided to get a standalone dvd player. I want a player that i could hook up to my router, and play the multimedia files/dvds that are stored on my computers. (I rarely watch movies from dvd discs. Usually i rip the discs to my PC and watch them from their).

Could you recommend me such player, that is easily available on Europe ? Also it would be great if it had an integrated AC3/DTS decoder (i plan to buy some surround speakers as soon as i find place for them in my room), and open source firmware with FLAC support.

I don’t care for stuff like integrated HDD or Wifi support.

ok, since i was unable to found such a player for three months, i got myself an idea:
since many (all ?) hd-dvd players come with a lan connection, and hd-dvd is the so-called looser, those players should get quite cheap in the future. so, altough i won’t need a hd player in the near future, it seems to be that buying a hd-dvd player is my only choice

hovewer i didn’t notice notice significant price drops. is my theory wrong ?
will i be able to get myself a cheap (<100 €) hd-dvd player in the near future ?

Toshiba Hd Player “A3” is on sale this week in Circuit City for $99.99 with ethernet connection input.