Recommend me a DVD burner.... check guidelines

Hi everyone. Well, the DVD burner in my parent’s machine is bitting the dust, so a new one will be in order. They barely use the burner, but both my youngest brother and also my brother-in-law use the burner.

I was checking my stash of burners that include Sony DRU-V204A x2 (Optiarc 7200A clone), Pioneer DVR-215D x2, Samsung SH-S203B x1 and 203N x2. My bother-in-law had some “guidelines” for me, and after checking them I realize that none of the burners fit the profile

  1. Has to be IDE, no SATA ports avilable
  2. Has to have lightscribe (He’s got a lot of lightscribe media)
  3. It will be doing a lot of DVD ripping, so a fast ripper is required
  4. It will have to read sometimes scratched disks, so a good reader is required.

In other words, what we need is the best all-arounder in IDE interface. The lightscribe requirement leaves out the sony and the Pioneer, and the IDE requirement leaves out the Samsung 203N, that was in fact my first choice as best all arounder with lightscribe. So, none of the drives that I have will work for them.

I was reading more, and I had narrowed the choices to either the Optiarc 7201 (lightscribe, IDE) or the Lite-on 20A1H/20A3H. They are still available in some places. I tried to avoid the 22x generation as it seems that the 20x were better. The Samsung SH-S222L/Q was a distant third in options.

The Optiarc is a stellar writer, but how good is it as reader/ripper?
The lite-on is a stelar reader/ripper/scanner, but how good of a writer?
Furthermore, if talking about offset, how much better of a writer the optiarc is compared to how much better of a ripper the liteon is?
The ideal case would be 2 drives, but that is not possible.

Which one do you recommend? Should I consider another option, like a 22x lite-on, or even LG?

Thanks everyone.


if CD application matters, then go for the Optiarc. It’s one of the best allrounders. Admitted, there are not so many patches and tweaks available, and maybe it’s not as good with reading bad discs like the Liteon (proof required), but this is something, the normal user is not interested in.