RECOMMEND: LiteOn Scanner

Hi Everyone,

Can you recommend a good LiteOn scanner?

Does it even matter which model you use for scanning?
If not, then which LiteOn is the better burner?

Can you get good quality scans from the Slave position?


I can recommend the LH-18A1P. It is a good reader/scanner and has excellent burn quality with most media that I have tried. It is quite noisy at high speed.


Slave should not be a problem. I use mine on USB for scanning only. Some people have reported problems with scanning using the 18X and 20X drives but I don’t know if they scanned at 4X or tried to push it to 8X. Up till the 18X drives, any Liteon [I]burner[/I] after the 8XX series seems to do just fine.

LH-18A1P (and probably 20x model too) seem to be rather sensitive scanners. 165P6S may be slightly better at producing more consistent results. But for burn quality the 18x and 20x Lite-ons are brilliant.

Good point. My LH-18A1P tends to have slightly more erratic results with 8x and above scans compared to my other drives.

I’m also looking for a LiteOn drive as ONLY a scanner. Burn quality is of no consequence to me since I’ve already got an LG GSA-H42L (Renesas). Would waiting for the Nexperia chipset drives be worth it, or is the current scan quality of, say, the 165H6S close enough in terms of quality?

Despite my not needing a burner, LightScribe is a plus. The enhanced contrast ratio takes 22 minutes to draw (worth it!), so labeling two discs at once saves a bit of time.