Recommend internal DVD-RW drive?

I’m currently using an external Sony DRX-810UL drive and I have been very happy with it (no complaints except that it will not read a -R that it has burned, so I have to stick with +R media, but I can live with that). I had previously spent a lot of time trying to work with a Plextor 708UF, which eventually quit burning CDs (although it would still burn DVDs).

I’m spec’ing out a new PC (I’ll be running XP, if it matters, and I use Nero and am planning to include an internal DVD-RW. I would like DL (maybe they are all DL capable these days?), although I’ve never used it, but don’t need LightScribe (which I assume is the thing that lets you burn artwork onto the disk).

Reliability is the most important consideration. A drive like likes all kinds of media is nice. The Sony will burn anything. (FWIW, I use Maxell MIJ CDs and for DVDs, either Verbatim +R or what’s left of my precious stock of Sony and Maxell MIJs.) A drive that will give me nice good burns every (or almost every) time.

TIA for any suggestions.

Where are you located?

PATA or SATA? PATA i suggest LG GSA H42N or L. For SATA i suggest Samsung SH-S203B or the LG GSA H62N or L.

Most all drives are DL burners. My favorite is the Sammy S203B SATA over my others as it is a good Verbatim DL burner. It also seems to burn CD’s good.

I’m in the US. I don’t know what PATA is, but assume the new computer will be SATA, since it’ll probably have SATA drive (or maybe SAS).

So you like the Sammy S203B SATA better than the SH-S203B?

Hi :slight_smile:
§ATA is the common IDE drive that most of us have used for years.
The SH-S203B & the S203B are the same drive. (Typo I figure).
If going with SATA.
#1 Samsung SH-S203B.
#2 LG GSA-H62N (L).
#3 Pioneer DVR-212D.

I know it’s a long shot, but if you could still find a real Plextor (716A/SA, 755A/SA, 760A only!) in your area, it’s worth spending the extra on IMO. :slight_smile:


I’m saving your list, but I decided to just let the PC builder recommend something. He’s gonna use a Lite-On Lightscribe (I think the model is LH-20A1L). I didn’t really want Lightscribe but the burner is so inexpensive I figured I’d try it. If I don’t like it, I’ll give it to my husband <g> and buy something else.

I was surprised at the prices – last time I bought a burner, I think I paid $100, but that was an external, and of course they always cost more.


I hadn’t really considered a Plex because my last one was so bad (and I had been a loyal Plex user for years). It’s not one the models you listed – it’s a 708UF – but I thought it was similar to the 716. Anyway, it abruptly quit burning CDs one day. Probably still burns DVDs. Gave that one to my husband. <g> He gets all of my cast-off computer equipment. Lucky guy. <LOL>

The first Plextor DVD-burner I bought was a 712UF and it didn’t recognize DVD’s new out of the box, only CD’s. It was exchanged promptly by the shop of course and I haven’t had any trouble with the more than half a dozen other Plex DVD drives I’ve acquired since. Either the CD or DVD part failing was a relatively common problem with first and second generation DVD-burners, and not only with Plextor. Meanwhile they’ve become almost disposable items as you’ve noticed and at these prices you can’t expect too much, but with a bit of luck the Lite-On should serve you very well (and it will allow Disc Quality scanning in Nero CD-DVD Speed :slight_smile: ).

I had trouble with my 708UF from the get-go, but once I realized I needed to buy better-quality media, it worked fine until it decided not to burn CDs anymore.

I was amazed at how inexpensive burners have gotten – as you said, they are practically disposable items. If the $45 Lite-On doesn’t make the grade, I’ll just buy something else. IIRC, I think I paid something like $300 for the 708UF. :0

I’ll be curious to see what results I get with Nero’s Disc Quality scanning. Maybe ignorance has been bliss. :wink: