Recommend burner for audio CD's



I use LG GH22NP20 to burn Audio CD’s. What I really like about the drive is, that it gives best burning results at 40x speed. Disc quality scans in Nero CD-DVD Speed using an Optiarc AD-7241S usualy detect less than 2 C1 errors on average. The discs I use are JVC (TY made) Photograde inkjet printable. So I can reproduce good quality media fast with this drive.

The problem is that the drive is PATA and recently I upgraded my PC and don’t have any PATA ports on the mobo. I hooked up the drive on a PCI add-on controller card, that has a PATA port. The drive gets recognized fine, but every time I insert a disc it takes about 5 minutes or so to read it, which is unbearable. So I’m looking for a replacement SATA drive that would give at least same quality burns with the JVC media on 40x speed or higher.

I was thinking of buying SATA version of the drive, but there’s only one available on ebay, and it’s from the US, so it could take more than a month to arrive, and I can’t wait that long. There are some similar models for sale in Europe, that only differ in the last two numbers (like GH22NS70 for example), but I’m not sure how different are they and if they’d give same results as the GH22NP20.

Should I go for one of these LG drives or can someone recommend a drive that would serve the purpose even better?


It’s rare to find a PCI controller card that handles optical drives well. In general it has to be one that has no RAID capability, or at least has a BIOS flash available for IDE mode. There are IDE -> SATA converters that work reasonably well.


Thanx for your reply. It is a SATA RAID card indeed.

I’ve read a thread about IDE to SATA converters. I got an impression that many converters also have problems with optical drives, and there were mentioned some brands and models that work well, but can’t find any of them that would be for sale in Europe and I don’t have time to wait for them to arrive from the US, not to mention the shipping and customs charges. I could probably buy 2 new drives for the money. That’s why I decided to go for a new drive.


Have any computer shops in the area where you might dig up an old PCI IDE card?

Anyhow, most any burner will do well with good CDR media, it’s just a matter of finding the right burn speed.


Yeah, I know that’s why I’m looking for a burner that would give it’s best results at 40x speed or higher with the JVC(TY) media I use.

I googled a bit and I can’t find any old PCI IDE controllers, that don’t have RAID from local shops or private sellers. I come from a small country with small market and it’s hard to get stuff here, that an average Joe doesn’t need.