Recommend a Xvid Re-encoder please!



Wanting to find an easy to use re-encoder to convert Xvid to anything which will run in a bottom of the range Windows Media Player, don’t care about speed, file size or even file type really so long as it plays. So any suggestions? Have tryed TMPGEnc but the output file doesn’t play with bottom of the range WMP :confused:


What’s wrong that the current xvid won’t work?
What do you mean, “bottom of the range…”?
Tmpgenc encodes to mpg, which should have nothing to do with it playing in WMP or not.


Want to be able to get a Xvid avi file to run on my work computer (or at least a small bit of it) but i don’t have access rights to install codecs so it wont run unless i re-encode it to something else, as such the WMP is botton of the range as its had no addons at all and never will . . . like i said tryed using TMPGEnc but it didn’t work . . .
. . . think i’m justing going to have to get my hands on a copy of CCE aren’t i . . .


VLC (videolan),free uses it’s own codecs and plays most anything.