Recommend a good anti virus!

Hi all!

After asking what you thought of firewalls and get some good feedback thought i might as well ask about anti viruses to. Bascially all i want to know is which one is best. Currently using Norton but as its due for renewal soon thinking of changing because its basically been annoying and installs to much junk with itself (you should see my Hijackthis log theres about 10+ lines just for Norton!)

So what else is good? I know of McAfee but had that before Norton and wasnt a big fan but then again it could be time to give it another chance . . .

Trend Micro Internet Security has worked well for me. I’ve had McAfee (which was the worst AV and prevented me from even uninstalling a modem once, until I uninstalled McAfee) and Norton (you have to pay for tech support if you get a virus), and both were junk. Norton let viruses get by twice–and for being the supposed ‘king,’ they were very lazy with their virus updates. Trend Micro gives FREE TECH SUPPORT and updates their virus defs much more frequently than Norton. Save your box from Norton and you’ll be able to d/l the Trend Micro for 50% off (about $25)–and have much better protection that Norton could give you. :wink:

the best is kaspersky after that nod32 & bitdefender

At my work they use Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition version 10 on thousands of PCs without expiration date. I got it also for free. The bad thing is Windows Firewall doesn’t recognize it, so I had to disable. Not bad but I don’t think it’s right that windows doesnt recognize it. I also have Norton Antivirus (non corporate) installed in my other pcs. I know some people doesn’t like Norton but I have no problem, at least until now.

Have tried McAfee but don’t like it.

Hi :slight_smile:
I got conflicts when using Norton with Windows update / firewall / spyware so now use AVG which works fine & it’s free

Grisoft AVG Free & ALWIL Avast! Free

Agreed :iagree: Been using it for years with no trbl. And if you want faster support you can get the paid version ( about $30.00 US for 2 yrs.) Which is a little better.

NOD32 for me just now anyway…

NOD32 all the way,

Uses least resources, nice GUI, updates viruses protection everyday, my choice

NOD32 For sure, but if your going freeware I’ll Secong AVG and Avast.

Avast Home Edition!

AVG or Avast if you want free.

If you want the BEST, get Kaspersky. But it’s kind sluggish.

If you want FAST, get NOD32 or AVG Pro.

I hate Norton so much, McAfee is the best imo!
Been using it for years now, sometimes it has problems with installing correctly but if you give it a few goes and enough time you get a really robust anti virus+firewall that doesn’t slow down your system much at all.

McAfee or AVG

I hate to disagree but McAfee is a PIG. A gigantic, slobbering, system-hogging PIG. :frowning:


Ok, so it was a bit of a misstatement.

Let me be clearer:

  • Norton is a PIG. A horrid piece of crap. DO NOT INSTALL IT.

  • McAfee is only slightly better. It no longer, in its 2005 incarnation, formats your hard drive or corrupts your system files and registry (but be clear - version 7.x DID do all those things). HOWEVER, it is still bloated, awful, and just generally bad.

  • Kaspersky is the best at catching stuff. Yay! However, it will make your machine run like Norton was on it… slower than mud.

  • AVG is good, but misses a lot of the rarer virii. :frowning: Also, AVG 7 is nowhere near as light and tidy as AVG 6.

  • NOD32 is THE LIGHTEST antivirus on the market. You won’t even notice it running. It won’t pop up and annoy you unless there’s a problem. AND… it is second only to Kaspersky in detection rates.

  • I haven’t used AVAST, I hear it’s nice. Better than AVG? I have no idea. Better than NOD? No.

i disagree with that , i use kaspersky 5 personal
and i had norton 2004/2005 in the past and kaspersky does not slow down as much as norton at all

I use Bitdefender pro antivirus

I also agree norton and McAfee are resorce hoggers keep well away from these two…