Recommend a good 19" CRT monitor



I'm in the market for a new 19" CRT monitor since my old and trusty IIyama Vision Master PRO 450 19" is partially defective and may fail every moment.


  • Totally flat screen
  • Dual input (Have two computers but only 1 monitor)
  • At least 1600 x 1200 @ 85Hz
  • Dedicated button to switch between the two inputs (Don't have that on my IIyama and it's making me crazy since I need to go through several menus to find the choice to switch to the other input).


Tried to get the LG Flatron 915FT+ myself, but that was not available at the time I had my mind set on buying, so I ended up with the IIyama Vision Master Pro 454…

Still have to get used to the 2 lines accross my screen, but other than that it is great!


Got Sony 19". It’s okay but not as good as Iiyama.

Good points:

  • A separate switch for switching from 2 inputs.
  • Auto centre and resize vertical and horizontal at same time.
  • Cheaper than Iiyama

Bad points

  • Colour (not deep enough colour - this is strange?) and glass screen (not deep black) - not as good as Iiyama


My Iiyama do have the two lines that Trinitron and Diamondtron have, they was annoying the two first weeks, after that I never notice them :stuck_out_tongue:

But I forgot to say: Iiyama is no longer availible here or I would have gotten the latest Iiyama monitor immediately (the one just tested at toms hardware) :frowning:

Brands that are availible:

-Hyundai (do some have experience with these? They have great specs and is rather cheap compared to the rest).
-Hitachi (Actually bought their newest 21" CM-823F, but it sucked so I returned it and got my money back) Hitachi is no option for me.
-Viewsonic (very hard to get)


I’m using the LG Flatron and I find it V good.

I always try and use them when building systems as they are not only great monitors IMHO but I’ve never had a problem yet with one over the last 5 years or so.


Sony cheaper than Iiyama?

Nope. Not here

Sony is nearly the double price of the rest(including Iiyama when it was still sold here.

Moderate priced brands here:

Medium priced:

Damn expensive:

Any more comments?


I’d go for LG Flatron 915 FT+ if you can get a hold on it… If I had a little more patience, that would be the monitor I would have bought…but at that moment patience was not my strong point (where it usually is actually :wink: )