Recommend a DVD reader

Hi All,
This is my first post here, thanks for your hospitality :slight_smile:

I need a Lite-On DVD reader or burner that is good at reading CDs/DVDs, preferably including scratched ones, and has a reed speed patch (to make it slower=quieter).

The reason I am looking for that is replacing the drive in this device:
Its own drive is a very cheap model, making problems with reading of at least 10% of burned DVDs that work OK on all other drives.

Thanks for help!

LG and Pioneer are good starts! Welcome to the forum, oh and look for the sales on the major brands!!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As well as Liteys (my LH-20A1H is a very good reader), you might also consider the more recent Samsungs (SH-S18x onwards) - they’re a tad slower but also good at reading discs nothing else will touch.

Also the Sammy drives are somewhat quieter than a lot of recent LiteOns (mine’s pretty noisy at high speeds).

Thanks for the quick answers!!

I would prefer LiteOn, since the system itself does not reduce rotation speed of the drive, and I’ll have to do that manually (firmware, I mean).
As far as I know, such firmwares exist only for LiteOn (OmniPatcher) and Sony (the latter never worked for me, I stay away from it).
Am I right?

Btw, are LiteOn readers (say, 16D1P or 16D2P) any good?

How about this questions: