Recommend a dvd burner



Can anyone tell me which one of these burners is the best for reading crap quality DVD-R?

Pioneer DVR-219L
Samsung SH-S222


Traditionally, from your list, LG and Samsung have been best at reading bad burns or poor quality discs. I’d try the LG first.


Thank you for your reply Albert. :slight_smile:

Is there a good drive that reads good crappy discs which I didn’t list? Or any specific brand?

I just listed the ones that are easily available from my local shop.

At the moment I have a pioneer 112D DVD writer and it really hates bad qualities. :frowning:

Since I live in a country where everything is sold on cheap quality discs like Princo. :frowning:


No, I don’t think there are better drives when it comes to reading poor discs than LG and Samsung. Third on the list would be LiteOn drives (in my opinion), possibly tied with Samsung for second. Then NEC/Optiarc drives and Pioneer drives (both frequently used to do transfer rate tests on burns to see if there are problems). I don’t think I missed a brand still putting out drives, ignoring rebadged models.

I should note that the newer Pioneer DVDRW drives are simply QSI drives, but I don’t believe they have a reputation of being good or bad with reading media; past qualities may not apply to the Pioneer drives we have today.

I believe the Pioneer drive you have is one of the most tolerant when writing to media, along with LiteOn and Optiarc; LG drives can be more picky and are not as great when writing B-grade media, so there might be a benefit to keeping the Pioneer for writing. Of course, it would be up to you to see this for yourself; the LG might work better than the Pioneer with the Princo available.