Recommend a DVD burner

Hi everyone,

My laptop doesn’t have a DVD burner and I want to add a external. Can you recommend one that is not too expensive and has good speed. I don’t know anything about them or how they work. Any help is appreciated.


SAMSUNG EXTERNAL DRIVE FROM FRY’S FOR 69 BUCKS. Sony makes good one’s too but you will pay about 80 bucks. Go with the first one. You can always exchange you drive inside your laptop too for about 100 bucks. They are very easy to install with just 1 or 2 screws holding it in. For the laptop drive I recommend Sony or Optiarc which is a Sony/Nec joint effort. Good Luck.

The C.

Thanks The C. :smiley:

Verify that your laptop has USB 2.0 ports, amy1372, as these drives will not work with the older USB 1.1 connection (physically the same but too slow for DVD burning). Samsung and LG make some nice external units.