Recommend a Drive For TYG03?

I purchased 400 TYG03 DVD-R discs in November and have almost the same amount left. I just RMA-ed my PX-716A drive and plan on purchasing a replacement. What drive (and firmware revision) would you recommend for TYG03 media? I really don’t care so much about burning the media at its rated 16X speed, I just want a low PI error count. Please include a scan with your recommendation and the speed you burned the media at. Thanks in advance!

This is neither a recommendation nor the opposite, it’s simply information.

You can find scans of Verbatim branded TYG03 burned at 16x in a NEC ND-4551A in this post.

If you spend a little time here:
You can see first hand what a number of burners will do with this media.

Pioneer and NEC should both do the job nicely.