Recommend a drive for me

To relace a 12.7mm matshita uj-841s drive, do you think it’d be better do replace it outright or just buy an external.

I’m looking for cd and dvd burning capabilities, other than that im pretty basic and i wont need any advanced options.

Could someone recommend something for me?


I have a LiteOn 160P6S which burns great :clap: and a LiteOn 1693 that i no longer use (only used it 10 times) because it burns like crap :Z . Just didn’t get around to pulling it out of the tower yet :rolleyes: . I just ordered a BenQ 1650 from NewEgg so looking forward to trying it out soon. :smiley: Next on the list to get is a Pioneer 111D. :bigsmile:
LiteOn, BenQ or Pioneer would be my choice.

forgot to also mention, it’s for a toshiba laptop.

Now you tell me. :o Never mind them. :doh:

Could always put any of those in an external enclosure.