Recommend a cdr for car audio?



Been using various cheap branded cdr for burning data cd’s but now started burning some audio cd’s for my car cd-player. Obviously the cheapness of the cdr’s is showing in the fact it jumps, tracks not playing at end of cd, etc… Anyway latest attempt was on Bulkpaq 40x and numega x40, still issues.

Can anyone recommend a cdr brand/type for audio with in car systems? Car cd player is less than 3 years old. Some people have mentioned that getting cdr that is silver on burn side works better, is that true and can even get silver cdrs???

thanks in advance…


I recommend anything made by Taiyo Yuden or RiTEK. If you’re in the US, get TDK 80min 48x RiTEKs or even better, 48x Fujifilm 80min discs. These two manufacturers have proven themselves to be the most reliable out of all the large manufacturers out there as shown in the media test threads.

To identify media before you purchase them, look up the appropriate identify-before-you-buy threads located somewhere on this discussion forum.

Hope that helps!


I use Feurio! to burn my car cds. I can use anything Tys, TDKs Maxells, Imation, Staples( which test pretty good by the way).
Try it :wink:


Burn no more than 74min on your CDR’s, use either TY or Verbatim DLP. And don’t forget to look here.%20Q:%20What%20kind%20of%20media%20will%20work%20in%20my%20old%20audio/car%20player?)


Try to look for 74min media, not 80min - that might help.


on Intenso CDR for the car they all work fine Cd text & all:D


Intenso=Prodisc, so better use Prodisc’s full color discs for more fun…