Recommend a #2 Blu Ray Reader?

Hey Folks.

I have an LG UH10LS20.

I don’t know if I love it or hate it. I only use it to watch blu rays on my system, and occasionally a rented blu ray will not read. It runs into a problem at a specific sector on what appears to be a very clean Blu Ray. The replacement rental also will not read, sometimes from the exact same place, and sometimes somewhere different.

Granted it is a low percentage - maybe 2%.

I don’t know if I “hate it” because in my mind it’s crazy that the firmware was NEVER updated. So I don’t know if there are some drive limitations that better firmware could have resolved.

Anyway - I"m looking to add a new reader to my system. I am hoping that with two, I will never run into a situation of an un-readable blu ray disc.

Price is not a concern to me - in that whether it is $50 or $90, I’ll have it for years - until it dies. I don’t ever see the need to burn blu rays, so if I have to buy a more expensive one to get very solid read capability, I’ll happily do it.

So my question is - know what current drive I have, can someone suggest what I might consider to add to my system to ensure I can always read a blu ray, either with one drive or the other?

Thank you!!!