hello guyz…m going 2 purchase 4driver !! :iagree: :iagree:

dvd rom
dvd burner
cd rom
cd burner

so i just need 2 knw the best models out !!

m frm INDIA :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: !!

thanks :iagree:

You’re going to buy 4 drives? Nice! :smiley:

You’ll get lots of different opinions here, as everyone has a preference.

I can start things off by saying my LG CD-ROM drive and LG CD-RW are lovely drives. :iagree:

For DVD burners, I favour LG and LiteOn.

If you buy a DVD burner than all 4 features are all included. :slight_smile: Buy 4 DVD burners instead.

However, if you tell us what you want to do then the answer would be different, ie advanced audio copy, etc.

hmm…for cds —> audio burning !! smtimes movies [2-4 cds everyday]
for dvds —> only movies !! [1-2 dvds everyday]


Id say there is no need at all for a CD ROM. Buy a Liteon DVD ROM to use as a reader and a scanner for all CDs and DVDs. And the rest I would have as DVD-RWs. The good ones IMO are Pioneer111, Benq1650(or55) and Liteon 6s series. But it comes down to needs. I.e. if u need to burn DVD-RAM at 12x u’d need smth else.

nope i just wnt 2 burn dvd+r so which one is d best suited ?
n wt abt cd-rw ?

aahhmm ??

Best CD-RW hands down, is Plextor Plexwriter, unless you can find an old Yamaha.

I wouldn’t buy a DVD-ROM for scanning purposes, I’d rather use a DVD-RW for that.

If you’re burning lots of audio CDs, there are DVD burners that do that quite well (NEC ND4551, LG drives)…but I’d go for a dedicated CD-RW.

thanks…just let me knw the exact model no. of dvdrw and cdrw

thanks a lot

Ahhmm ???

Thread moved to the Optical drive forum.:slight_smile:

guyz ??