Recommandation for Video editing software needed

Can anyone help me?

I’m looking for a burning program which burns movies to a DVD but also creates buttons that lead to the movie or a page on the DVD…

An Example would be a real dvd music, how they have the DVD and when you play the DVD, you see commands like “Play Movie, Deleted Scenes, Setup”


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You may check out TMPGEnc DVD Author or


You can try Sonic’s DVDit 6.0 or the easier Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0


I agree with Chef, go with Tmpgenc’s DVD Author.

Not as sophisticated as DVDit or Adobe Premiere Elements but much easier to use for a beginner.


So basically, I was asking for a program so I can make a DVD Menu like if it was a real dvd that you would buy…

Here are examples:

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 will do that for you, I believe.

Free demo at:

Good stuff.

Will it be able to link pages to another page on the dvd?

I’m not quite sure what that means exactly, but you can download the free trial and find out… :slight_smile:

Yes, in DVDMF there has always been a disc menu, and if you have chapters set in the recording then a chapter menu is available. So that’s two layers of ‘pages’.

A much more flexible but expensive solution is DVD Workshop 2, also by Ulead. It has more capacity for multiple menus and complex navigation between them. Also has a free trial:

Try DVDLab-Pro from Mediachance. I have been using it for a while and it is a grate software.
You can make professional looking DVD with menus, motion menus, subtitles, 8 audio tracks, and if you want to learn more, you can use commands to manipulate what is showing and when.

I don’t only want a Menu, I want of course “Chapter Menu” but what if i was making my own DVD of separate episodes… You think I would be able to make them link to their Individual Chapter Selection screen and just add pages so it links to others like Deleted Scenes, etc.

Plus, I’ve had trouble with DVDMF, apparently it doesn’t read .mkv and .ogm, will these softwares be able to read them? Or would i need to seperate the movie files and audio files/subtitle files from both of them and add them later…

To help you guys help me, I’m burning Anime so you guys know. :iagree:

Best and easyest to use convertXtoDVD by VSO.

Anyone know a software that can do this?

Yes. DVDLab will do all that you are asking.
Trial version is on

check this site:
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DVDLab looks great, I need to seperate the 2 audio files and sub files and the video file from the ogm and mkv… anyone know a good program to do it?

I also want to split it without harming the file or quality

DVDLab only reads a few formats of audio and video, why? I was surprised when it didn’t read avi video formats, or ogg audio formats.

Is there another software that is the same as DVDLab just better?

If not, how can I convert the video/audio/subtitles to the format they are suppose to be, what are they suppose to be? :sad:

Transferring to ‘Video Edit’ forum. Perhaps more help there…