Recomended UHD drive for PC after dying

So guys, haven’t checked here in a while but I’m going to spend christmas away on a member of the family’s place, she has a 4K HDR TV & asked me if I could bring some UHD movies, but no UHD Player.

I’m now beggining to suffer from the HDCP and all the pointless requirements. My UHD drive died so I need some advice for a new drive that can play & also rip UHD disks. Preferably even 100 & 128 GB ones. I’ve got about all my collection already backed up, I use MakeMKV, but I have recently got Venom, The Karate Kid Boxset & Cry Macho so I can’t back them up as of now (family wants to see Cry Macho).

As of the drive I don’t care if it’s slim, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB-C, SATA and all that. I would however prefer a known brand such as LG, Pioneer, Sharp, Verbatim and all those. I wouldn’t like to spend more than 100€/$ but can strech to 150. I live in Europe (Spain) if that’s any help.
I know some dirves are pickier than others when it comes to the hardware so i’ll list my specs in case:
-64 GB DDR4 3000 MHz
-MSI X299 Tomahawk
-Windows 10 1809 Build
-Gigabyte RTX 3080 OC (no integrated gpu)
-Runing 2 Monitors with Displayport 1.4 (though I can use HDMI 2.0b if needed)