Recomended external box for DVD burner?

I am looking for a solid and reliable external box for a new DVD burner (SOHW-812S or SONY 530).

I plan on getting an internal drive, but because of a bunch of traveling comming up and the desire to take it with me, I need a good portable home for the drive. Can anyone reccomend a well built unit that can take the rough and tough travel lifestyle, and is very compatable with a variety of USB and Firewire connections? I would hate to take this with me and find the unit has compatability issues.

Thanks, e_lectro

get a firewire box with an oxford 911 chipset. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I bought a Plumax USB2.0/Firewire combo box from dealsonic.

Put my Pioneer-107D in it and it works like a champ.

I hit up CompUSA today and opened every type of external box they had. Most were the Ali chipset that is not looked favorably on, none were NEC, two had no name at all, and one had the Oxford you mentioned but it was 99.99…

Looks like a much better deal to look online, I’ll just have to wait for the shipping.

external units…stick with firewire…USB has too much overhead, and generally has to battle with other usb devices,IE PRINTER…lol

Goofs aside…for a DVD burner…save yourself the headache and go firewire if you can…:slight_smile:

I would go just striaght firewire, but some of the systems I need to connect to occasionaly only have USB. And before its mentioned, I can’t upgrade them all :bigsmile:

ok then, get a dual box - one with fire and usb2. I have a dual one simply because it was the cheapest with the oxford (yes, in my case it was cheaper than the fire only box). The additional compatibility is nice tho. If u have any computer fairs, make sure to scavenge them as I got my box at a fair for about half of what they were advertised for on retail websites:eek: . All the best.

I recently did some checking on the “overhead” using my USB 2.0 box with both my DVD writer in it, and then with a hard drive in it. Doing simple file transfers between the internal hard drive to a hard drive in the box required over 60% CPU usage. That’s with no other USB devices connected. I decided to keep my burner internal, since I figured that burning DVDs is already a touchy enough process. Firewire on the other hand utilizes next to nothing as far as the CPU is concerned, by comparison.

Again, dual pigtail for compatibility…usb and firewire…USB works…but has issues…firewire screams…and when using as USB…make it a stand alone project…:slight_smile:

ADI (Fw/USB2) at Newegg has the same model number as the above Plumax so I would likey assume its the same chipset (oxford 911). It also looks the same. It comes with cables.