Recomendations on software please

I am not to advanced when it comes to this. I just would like a simple to use programe that will allow me to convert video file types (avi.mgep,etc) to play in a home dvd unit.

what works well?

Don’t mean to appear unhelpful but just read some of the recent threads, like “easiest way from xvid to DVD”.
Otherwise search this forum as this question gets asked on a regular basis & has already been answered many times.

What is xvid?

It’s the opensource/free counterpart of DivX, i.e a codec to compress movies in mpeg-4 format.

Try TMPGEnc DVD Author: it have a simple and user-friendly interface. Too bad is not free :frowning:

if you have just begun this sort of thing then perhaps the simplest way is to use nerovision express. choose make dvd video option…