Recomendations for drive to scan 3500A burns

I have a 3500A and a 3540 and I know the 3540 can scan, but I am unsure
of it’s scanning abilities. If I wanted a drive for scanning to check the quality of burns more then for actually burning what drive should I look at.
I would like to keep the price down and it would be nice if it did a good job on burning, but that is secondary.

I noticed that most people here either use the Lite-On or the BenQ.
I can’t seem to find the Lite-On model mostly used here, but a higher number that I guess means it’s newer (doesn’t always mean better).

The Lite-On’s I see are the 1673 or the 1693.
The BenQ is the 1620
The LG is 4163



If you are unsure of the 3540’s scanning ability I would suggest a LiteOn 1693S. I am very satisfied with this drive, it has a load of nice features especially scanning :).

Well, reading your previous thread, I wouldn’t run out and buy another drive just for scanning, unless you know your 3540 is faulty or you just want another drive anyways… And, you cannot compare your 3540 scans to a LiteOn scan completely.

But, if you’d rather use something else to scan, good luck… I am just saying you should test your 3500 burned discs on another 3540 first and see if it is, indeed, your 3540 giving drastically different readings than the other.

You have to keep in mind that each drive manufacturer’s burners (and even seperate burners from the same company) reads discs differently also, and may generate very different scans. You cannot compare these scans.

However, I can say that if a disc scans fine on a bunch of different drives, and looks bad on another, that that drive is probably faulty or just a very poor reader…

The 3540 is a very good reader, so I would do some tests before deciding on another drive to scan with :slight_smile:

Personally, I usually use my 3520 for scanning, because it isn’t a great reader… If it scans fine on there, it should be fine for most drives.


Right now I haven’t decided for sure if I will buy a new drive.
I am planning on putting together a second computer and it would also
be nice to have a drive that I can do compares to what others are getting
with the same combo.
It is worth $50 to me to know for sure if a burn went well as I always don’t get a chance to watch my video’s right away.
Still just in the gathering info stage now though.
I don’t have access to another 3540 unfortunetly.


Yo markrb-

I also have a LiteOn 1693s - and it is one hella fast reader when set up right with “Omnipatcher”

Currently on sale at the Newegg for $50 shipped - here:

So you get a hella fast reader and good scanner for $50 - pretty good in my book - eh?