Recomend DL disks highly compatible with standalones?


I tried searching and reading about Double-Layer disks and how compatible they are with standalone DVD players but the more I searched and the more I read the more confusing it became.

I am buying Lite-On 20A1P drive (allows bitsetting) and I will burn Double-Layer DVD-Video home movies to send to different people. I will NOT know in advance what standalone DVD-Players they would have.

My questions:

  1. I read that +RDL is more compatible than -RDL with stand-alone players. Is this true?

  2. What DL media would you recomend me to buy in order to MAXIMIZE my chances that their player would be able to read it.

  3. Where should I buy it from so that I don’t get a fake media or media that is not the exact specification as you suggested?

  4. Once I get it what is the easiest way to verify that what I got is what I ordered?

  1. Yes, +R DL is much more compatible.
  2. Verbatim.
  3. No such thing as fake Verbatim DL media up to this point, so buy them wherever you like.
  4. See 3. If they say Verbatim, they’re what you ordered. :stuck_out_tongue:

To underscore scoobiedoobie, Verbatim. Period. Nothing else on the market is dependable.

Thanks for the quick reply!

But if I go to my favourite media store:

Meritline DVD+R DL

There are 4 different choises:

Verbatim 95310
Verbatim 95166
Verbatim 95014
Verbatim 95123

A. I see that the last one is inkjet printable but what is the difference in the first three (maybe just packaging) and which would you recomend?

B. I do have a disk printing inkjet - would the fact that the disk is inkjet-printable decrease the stand-alone player compatability?


The first three are just different quantities/packaging. Same discs.
The fourth is printable and should not affect performance.

Thanks for the quick replies! It feels more like a chatroom than a forum :slight_smile: !


If I make a small DVD-Video compialation that would fit on a single-layer disk, which Single-Layer disk would you recomend for the same requirements as in points:

of my original post.


PS I have read that in this case DVD-R is more compatible than DVD+R…

CMC DL can also give great results, but that’s going to depend on your burner. Verbatim DL has proper support with more burners.

As others have said Verbatim DL is the only way to go but just be careful of where you buy it from
like in this post from zackk he thought that he
was getting Verbatim DL disc’s when in fact the seller is ripping people off selling Ritek DL disc’s. I’d
suggest to always buy from a reputable store or on line store. :wink:

No. With bitsetting in the drive you are getting, you can burn +R as Dvd-Rom. That is the same as commercial, pressed discs that all players should read. You can’t bitset -R.

Tys and Verbs (cheaper and nearly as good). Office Max runs specials on Verbs at least once a month, $50 for 12.99. Occasionally at Best Buy.

Verbatim is among among the top choices for SL media as well. As far as +R vs -R, -R generally has better compatbility with older players, but with newer players and/or bitsetting of +R media to -ROM, compatibility is about the same. I actually have an older Samsung player that skips with a fair amount of -R media, no troubles with +R media though.

Just depends on the player. My sis-in-law has a Toshiba that has a rough time getting through-R. No problem with DVD-ROM, so when in doubt… Now I need to make her go out and get me some more.

I’ve had trouble with bit setting on RITEKD01 in the past. Whatever you do, the booktype being set to DVD-ROM is the most important thing for compatibility, and I’ve never had trouble with that on MKM003’s (8X Verbatim +R DL). If you’re worried about fraud, burn and scan for PIE/PIF. My MKM003’s quite often get a PIF maximum of 1. :slight_smile:

For reference, I buy mine at Best Buy.

That’s not entirely correct as some players are just picky and the 8x -R verbatim MCC02RG20 discs work very well. Especially my PS2 which has sometimes displayed problems with discs like daxon, TDK003, TTH01 and even MCC004 if burned with high jitter.

Verbatim 16x +R discs are really very good. I would hit them up with the liteon at a decent speed. They should work very well. Many people say TY is great and all recommend it but I must say, if verbatim price is lower than the TY, go with the Verbatim.

This is not correct. Only the Booktype can be changed, the mediatype never ever can be changed by that. And the mediatype will remain DVD+R DL which is unlike DVD-ROM for pressed media.
Mediatype and Booktype is not the same.

Verbatim Never fails, at least not for me, on probably a couple hundred DL burns. Any other brand is just likely to cause frustration and loss of money. If you search around, you can pretty much find these on sale at any time at a reputable online or B&M store.