Recomend a Drive for Ripping to FLAC with EAC

I’ve decided to re-rip my entire CD collection in FLAC.

About half way through, my old Pioneer DVD-106S finally gave up the ghost and died. This drive was very good for ripping audio, beucase it supported Accurate Stream and C2 error info, which as far as I know are important to getting accurate rips (specially with old, scratched discs)

I havn’t bought new optical drives in along time, so all I have is a bunch of old IDE drives, none of which support Accurate Stream AND C2 error info. Not even the DVD burner, and thats the newest at 2 years old.

Can someone please recomend a good drive for ripping audio CDs to FLAC with EAC?

I don’t care if its a burner or not, as long as it has those two features, and rips well. I also want SATA only, no sense in going backwards.

I know that Plextor made good stuff back in the day, but the current models on NewEgg haev rotten mixed feedback. I thought that this might be a nice choice:

I like having two drives, so I might buy 1 reader and one burner, or maybe just 2 DVDRs, I dunno. Any advice is appreciated.

Oh by the way, I was just digging through my old computer junk, when I found my Plextor PX-40TSUWi (dated May 1999). If I can find the SCSI card for it, would this be a good ripper?

I believe the Samsung 203B is considered a good drive for ripping audio. I don’t think you’ll find to many opinions on DVD drives since most people here just buy burners for the cost difference.