Recomend a cdrw drive-- liteon broke

started getting format ,read/write problems with my 52x/24/52 liteon cdrw and it would only boot into pio mode. I had it 2 years and burnt 150 cds, and played many games so I guess it is finished…

What is normal life of a cdrw drive and what drive replacement do you recommend.

I have also have a tdk velo cdrw drive 4800b speed is 48X (16/24) x48 which was put into storge when I had bought the liteon and still works good so how much speed am I loosing if I kept this drive vs buying a new a 52x drive. I also have a 2nd drive installed a sony dru 720a dvd +/- rewritable(2nd bay)


I would put in the old LiteOn and see how it works-

I find that I get my best CD burns at 32x and it only takes a minute or two longer than 48x-


the dru-720a can write @48x, that’s max. 30 seconds longer than 52x.