Recognising Plextor recommended cd-r media

Hi there people, great forum this is, I’ve been reading it for a long time. Finally a post from me;

I’ve been using my 4824A for a while now, and am very happy with it, it copies absolutely anything you throw at it, and it does it fast and does it well.

I’ve been wondering however, how I can see if I’m using Plextor recommended cd media.

I bought a 100-pack of Taiyo Yuden, which are completely blank, checked them with Nero and other ATIP readers, and they come up as Long-strategy Taiyo Yuden. Fine, I’m not cheated. But, Plextor say on their site that they recommend from TY names like ‘CDR-80 TY10PR’ and ‘CDR-80 C5Y10S’.
How can I see which ‘type’ of 80 minute TY I have?

The only visible lettering on the disc is a number printed horizontally across the (matted) center of the disc, 9F267B0688180, and if you turn it over, it says (in the green-dyed area, also nearest the center), ‘80 PG8071’ and ‘01 05’.
Not numbers I can find on the Plextor site.

It’s more a curiosity than a necessity, I realise, but still - I’m very curious about this!

Cheers, and have a great new year!