Recoding to Nero Digitals failed

I have installed Nero 6 (6.6.14) with newly NeroVision express 3 and Nero Recode 2 ( and I tried for testing to recode either DVD (unprotected) and one captured VHS in mpeg2 format in Nero digital format.
Although Nero Recode reads both of them, burning to mpge4 failed with the message:" Failed to create Nero Digital Video encoder filter".
I suposse that this might be related to the “Profile configuration” of the Nero Digital. Actually in the Configuration section of the Recode under the “Nero digital profile” I don’t have any other choice but: “Memory stick video (PSP compatible)”. Before I start to burn it I got the message: “The profile memory stick video is selected. But there is no Sony PSP connected to your PC. You can connect it and directly write the files to this device. Nero Recode 2 will take care about using correct file and folder names.”
After OK (I don’t have any other option) and continuing command burn, I got the above failure message.
Thanks for anyone who has idea how to solve “inadequate” Nero Digital Profile.