Recoding to Nero Digital, slow

How long should a 4.2GB DVD take to recode into Nero Digital?

I want to create a smaller version of a DVD (using MPEG 4) with the original 5.1 soundtrack. I have the latest Recode version.

My PC is fast (or should be), an Athlon 4200 (2cpu), 1GB RAM and a pair of stripped Atlas 15K SCSI.

I set off Recode 5 hours ago and it is still only 50% of the way through the 2nd pass. I told it to create a 1GB file. It says 3 hours to go.

My CPU is running at 40% and my disk show little activity. It is only doing 7 frames a second.

How can I make it use 100% CPU and thrash the disks?

A DVD to DVD recode takes 20 minutes, to Nero Digital it looks like 8 hours.

What is going on?

Also I did one the other day, setting 5.1 sound, and when played back it was ProLogic. Hence the reason I am trying another. What might cause that?



A new version of the Nero Digital encoder which properly supports multiple cores/CPUs is being developed and should be ready sometime around September (see this thread).