Recoding Software what im sticking with

Two that i use mainly are CloneCD (new version) and Blindwrite…

clonecd now handles sd2.9+ with no problems it easy to use and write speed can easily be adjusted for any media. it hides cdr also in the cdtray. Only caviet is it doesnt do securerom 4.8x copies like blindwrite does (though i heard a coming release will).

Blindwrite is excellent for owners of the Plex premium drive as it can make 1:1 copies of securerom 4.8x no problems without having to use autoplay. also in general it does a good job with autoplay and securerom 4.8x titles on most cdrw drives. only caviet on this program for me is the lack of ability to set the write speed in the version 5.

next that i occasionally use are

DiskJuggler - great program to make 1:1 copies with…though no emulation for sd 2.9 titles means your target drives must be able to play the titles without it. (most newer drives are)

others i have tried

Alcohol120 - needs a update to be able to copy sd2.9 titles well (no thier emu doesnt cut it on some of my drives).

DiskDump/Fireburner - good combo copies disks well though i like diskjuggler better because it copies sd2.9 better for me.

if anyone needs help with the above programs I am happy to help in any way with my limited knowledge.:wink: