Recode's Video Quality Slider Q's

I was wondering how Nero figures out where to put the sliders when it needs to compress a title. First, what does the percentage number refer too? Is this the percentage of compressed file size to original file size? Or something else?

And why is it when Nero evens up all the tabs on the slider’ the percentages show are not the same?

So which method equates to an equal percentage of compression for multiple titles - making all the percentage figures in the right hand column the same, or moving all the slider tabs into a vertical cue on the screen?

Is it that Nero is doing both, possibly by considering the original titles encoded bit rate? In this case, which is which?

I can’t find any documentation on this…


I really don’t see any changes with normal speed and magnification. You will get much better video performance by trimming unwanted stuffs at the beginning and end of the movie.