Recoded DVDs versus variety of DVD players



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Can someone help me with troubleshooting why re-encoding DVDs with Nero Recode 2 results in DVDs which will play on my computer (Nero Showtime, WinDVD, …), but will not play in my relatively new Panasonic DVD player? As if there may be a switch somewhere which will increase any possibility for compatibility(?) And, they don’t all fail … the split being 50/50.

Nero 6 Ultimate package (latest release)
Plextor 504A DVD+R/RW (latest firmware & burning TDK +R 4X media)
Windows 2000 (sp4)


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Look at this link to see whether there are reported incompatibility of your stand alone with Dvd+R.

Try a different media.
Try cleaning the heads with a cleaning CD .

Try turning off your stand alone and turn it on again with the disc in or out. Some relatively old players are rather reluctant to accept a DVDR .

I don’t think the Plextor has bitsetting capability which is used to disguise a DVD+R as DVD-Rom to improve readability.


Thanx for your reply. I couldn’t find anything specific at the link … it would appear, generally speaking, there aren’t any problems with this Plextor burner + TDK media + Panasonic player combination … leastwise reported.

After burning several others, I have determined this consistency. If I burn the complete DVD, all will work (and if not, then turning the player off & on will work). However, if I burn only the main movie, the result will be a coaster as far as the Panasonic player is concerned, but plays fine on my computer (WinDVD 5 Pt). Go figure!!! :confused:


I have had the same problem when I copy the main movie only. The disks will play on my PC, and on my stand alone Philips player, but a friends player will not recognise the disk although they can play whole copies of DVDs that I have done. Do some players expect to find a menu first?


It could be the bitsetting as Sapa said earlier. I have two Sony DVD players and an older RCA. The Sony’s will accept all media for playback, regardless of whether it is movie only or the entire disk. The RCA will not accept DVD+R unless it is bitset to DVD-ROM. Also the DVD player in my SUV has the same problem. They both will accept Movie only and entire copies of DVD-R and DVD+R (bitset to DVD-ROM). It is not likely the media. Check the Plextor forum here to see if your recorder has the capability to bitset booktype to DVD-ROM.


Try burning a -R.


I’m back … and this time after installing a Plextor 708 capable of -R and +R … and also capable of bitsetting for DVD-ROM (according to Infotool).

My first attempt of recoding the main movie (simply duplicating the above procedure) with TDK -R media worked fine with my standalone player.

However, I did want to experiment with bitsetting for the DVD-ROM booktype, but I cannot find the switch in Nero Recode. Where is it?

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Most of the Panasonic DVD Players support DVD-R and DVD-RAM playing but not DVD+R. You’ll definitely want the DVD-Rom Booktype. The Booktype setting in Recode should be a simple drop-down box when you choose your recording settings. If it’s not there you probably have an older version of Nero Recode and would want to upgrade NeroVision Express for that functionality. :slight_smile:


My version of Recode isn’t the most recent January’05 release, but it is Nov’04. I couldn’t find it to save my life … no where under the “configuration” button. I’ll install the recent version tonight and look again.

I did wonder if the “smart” versus “dumb” options, which are enabled via “smart start” affected the recode options. There is no way of knowing which intelligence mode you’re in … argh :slight_smile:


set the booktype in Plextools if you’re using a PX708…


Where do I find Plextools? The Plextor wwwsite appears to be offering Plextools Pro only (as an update)

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a version (that you can update) should have come on the CD with your PX-708. there’s a registry trick that you can do to install an upgrade package without having an original install, but since Plextor is currently selling Plextools Pro, it’s now against the forum rules to post the registry trick. try googling “Plextools registry hack/trick” or something to that effect and you’ll readily find what im referring to.


Having replaced a retail 504A, I didn’t believe I’d need anything other than an OEM version of the 708A drive … argh :sad:

Thanx for your response :slight_smile:


try Dvd Decrypter,it has a built-in bitsetting utility.I use an app called DvdInfoPro to bitset my 708.Works like a charm.


no prob shAF…like i said, just google “Plextools reg hack” (i just can’t post it here).

like Nosmartz said, you can bitset via other apps too - DVDDecryptor, NERO (in the choose recorder dialog) and some others as well.


Back again … and the mystery still won’t go away.

I was able to install Plextools Pro, and I found the bitset on/off switch as a reference to “change booktype for DVD+R”. The helpfile implied this was what I wanted, so I enabled it.

I burned the main movie of The Forgotten onto DVD +R (2.4x), and it still will not work in my Panasonic DVD player … although if I burn the entire DVD it will play properly(??) The main movie DVD will play on a friend’s standalone DVD player, and it will play properly on my HTPC computer. I believe I need give up on my bedroom’s Panasonic, leastwise for main movie copies … :sad:

cheerios …

EDIT … I forgot to mention: I tried burning several other main movies as well, and one of them actually did play on the Panasonic! … which is the mystery. That was just after installing the 708A and before I tried bitsetting for DVD-ROM. Subsequent, I had one additional failure, and then I tried the bitset option … and the final failure.


Media…???..use quality media like Taiyo Yuden or equivalent
Software…try the LATEST version of Recode at the Nero website. Also give CloneDVD a try

The Pana could be a dog. I have a Matsushita/Pana DVD ROM and the darn thing is a lousy reader.


Why are you so hung up on +R’s? Get some -R’s and start watching your burns instead of worrying about book types and bit setting.


I don’t believe I am hung up on +R, as much I am trying to work thru a mystery. Regarding -R, I am still looking for an inexpensive source of Taiyo Yuden … which begs a question what would be an equivelent to Taiyo Yuden??

On another note … I do use DVDdecrypter for copying my DVDs. I looked for its DVD-ROM switch, but couldn’t find it. Is there a chance if DVD-ROM bitset isn’t enabled in DVDdecrypter, that one software is enabling while another is disabling?

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